Combat Chi Sao part 1   Sifu Alan Lamb reveals the structure and purpose of the Wing Chun kung-fu "chi sao", and how the drill is performed. Learn how to develop sensitivity and instantaneous response.  
  Combat Chi Sao part 2   Sifu Alan lamb concludes his study of on the structure and purpose of "chi sao". Learn how the drill is performed and how it can develop sensitivity and instantaneous response, regardless of your background or level of training.  
  Combat Wing Chun Tape 1  

Wing Chun vs. The Street Fighter

Alan Lamb teaches how to use the principles of Wing Chun against the unpredictable. Learn how to deal with literally every form of attack from the “sucker punch” to the “flurry” to the “tackle.”


  Combat Wing Chun Tape 2  

Wing Chun vs. The Martial Artist

In today’s society, it is very likely that an attacker may have some form of martial arts training. In this tape, Alan Lamb teaches how to defend against a trained attacker, and utilize the principles of Wing Chun to defeat and completely neutralize the attacker’s techniques.


  Combat Wing Chun Tape 3  

Overcome a Larger, Stronger, Opponent

According to legend, Wing Chun was named after a young woman who used its principles to defeat a much larger male opponent. Alan Lamb reveals the strategies used in Wing Chun to overcome a larger opponent, as well as multiple attackers. As evidence of the unique training drills of Wing Chun, Alan has included, in this tape, and incredible demonstration of blindfolded Chi Sao (sticky hands).


  Combat Wing Chun Tape 4  

Combat Weapons Concepts

Wing Chun is a widely respected weapons art, frequently emphasizing the Butterfly Knives. The question most modern martial artists ask is "Why do I need to learn obsolete weapons in today's world? " In these tapes, Alan Lamb answers that question.



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