Sifu Alan Lamb is a gifted energy healer and intuitive from England.
He is a Hong Kong trained Master of Wing Chu
n Kung-Fu and Chi Gung Energy Healing.

Now Offering
Cutting edge therapy for the blind and stroke victims

Sifu Lamb taught for two years at the Royal National Institute for the Blind in London, working with a group of young blind physical therapy students.

He was able to take their level of awareness to new heights by teaching them specialized exercises which allowed them to feel through their fingertips, virtually, to the point being able to see through the use of their hands.

He also taught one of the top neurologists in Los Angeles for many years, who encouraged Sifu Lamb to put together a program to help stroke victims. 

It consists of a series of exercises and drills that can establish new neural passageways into the brain, helping vitims to recover their mobility and dexterity more fully than regular physical therapy alone.


Introduction to Chi Gung Healing & Energy Work Video

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“Chi” means Life Force or Universal Energy. “Gung” means work. Therefore, Chi Gung is a subtle means of working with the life force. Through breathing and meditation techniques, in combination with gentle exercises, learn how to heal and strengthen the body, and release energy blockages.

  • Learn the Science of Breath, the key to meditation and energy flow
  • Empower yourself by accessing the healer in you. Participate in Chi Gung breathing and meditation exercises that are used to heal the internal organs and the emotions
  • Discover standing ancient Chinese Chi Gung postures that facilitate healing
  • Learn moving meditation exercises (similar to Tai Chi) that promote the free flow of energy throughout the body
  • Participate in group healing exercises

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Healing Work - Chi Gung

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